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This Legal Notice regulates the conditions for use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) by anyone who accesses it by way of the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the “User” or the “Users”).

The Website is owned by the Spanish company International Editors’Co, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co”) with registered address at Calle Còrsega 288, 08008 Barcelona, Spain, on record at the Commercial Register of Barcelona in Tome 23.923, Folio 55, Page 61.111, holder of Spanish National Identity Card (CIF/VAT) B08423550, with the email address and telephone number +34 93 215 88 12.

Through the mere act of accessing the Website and using it in any way, the User is unconditionally required to fulfil the provisions of this Legal Notice. Notwithstanding the above, INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co may establish other general conditions to govern specific activities by Users with regard to the Website which, as INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co indicates in each given case, may replace, complete or modify this Legal Notice. In the event that any specific condition, above all one agreed by INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co and a User, in some way contradicts this Legal Notice or other general conditions, then the specific condition shall be deemed to override any general ones.

INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co reserves the right to amend this Legal Notice, and any other general conditions established by INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co, at any time, with no prior warning given to the User. Therefore, it is the User’s responsibility to verify the contents thereof every time the User accesses and uses the Website.

The Website is not intended for minors, and consequently its use by minors is the exclusive responsibility of their parents, guardians or legal representatives.


Mere access to and use of the Website requires no prior registration by the User and is free of charge, without prejudice to the cost of the connection which provides access to the corresponding telecommunications network. Nonetheless, in order to perform certain activities related to the Website, the User’s prior registration may be required and, where appropriate, the User’s explicit acceptance of the “Privacy Policy” appearing on the Website, or other general conditions. Upon carrying out this registration, the User confirms to INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co that he or she is of legal age and guarantees that he or she will provide accurate, lawful information. If the User’s registration requires the selection of a password, the User must keep it secret and protect it from unauthorised use by third parties, as well as undertaking to inform INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co immediately of any non-consensual use of the password or of the User’s data. In the event that the User fails to report any of the aforementioned security breaches, INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co shall be released from all liability that may result from the third party’s unauthorised use of the password or User data.

The User acknowledges and accepts that his or her use of the Website occurs under his/her own responsibility, with full indemnification of INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co, and undertakes to use it with diligence, in good faith and in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice, as well as undertaking not to perform any acts which might damage the image, interests or rights of INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co or any third parties, regardless of whether they are related with INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co.
Without prejudice to the general nature of all the above, the User undertakes: (1) not to carry out activities which are immoral or upset the public order; (2) not to disseminate contents which promote hatred, contempt or discrimination on grounds of birth, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, opinion or any other personal or social status or circumstance; (3) not to cause damage to the hardware or software of INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co, its suppliers or third parties, whether by introducing or spreading viruses or in any other way, and (4) not to use the accounts of other Users or manipulate or modify their messages. The User shall be liable to INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co and any third parties for the damage or harm which may be caused to them by the User’s non-fulfilment of the aforementioned obligations.

INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co reserves the right to delete from the Website any comments which, in the opinion of INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co, may be inappropriate in terms of the User’s failure to comply with the Website usage conditions stated in this Legal Notice. Under such circumstances, INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co shall be released from all liability for any comments made by the Users through the Website.

The User acknowledges and accepts that, despite the security measures which may be established by INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co, access to and use of the Website may entail risks to the computer systems (software and hardware), or the User’s or third parties’ files and documents, whether due to the existence of viruses or other disruptive computer elements. It is the User’s responsibility to possess adequate tools to prevent these risks and, as a result, the User fully and irrevocably releases INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co from any responsibility for them. Likewise, INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co denies all responsibility for any defects in the Internet or other instances attributable to force majeure, to the User or to third parties which impede or diminish access to the Website or its proper use. Similarly, INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co reserves the right to temporarily suspend, with no prior notice, access to the Website as a result of maintenance operations, repairs, updates or improvements.


Neither the access to nor use of the Website confer upon the User any right to the trademarks owned by INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co or, in general, any other industrial or intellectual property rights belonging to INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co or third parties of which INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co is a licence.

The User hereby acknowledges that the copyright or authorship rights associated with the Website and its contents are owned by INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co or third parties with respect to which INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co is a licence and that, as a result, it is for INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co alone to exercise the corresponding usage rights. Therefore, it is prohibited for the User to reproduce, distribute, perform public disclosure or carry out the full or partial transformation of the Website and its contents unless, in order to do so, the User has been given express permission by INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co.

Nevertheless, INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co grants the User a non-exclusive licence, which may not be sublicensed or transferred, to use the Website and its contents, subject to the provisions of this Legal Notice. The User may view and obtain a temporary private copy of the Website’s contents for his/her exclusive personal and private use in his/her computer systems but is not authorised to share them with any third parties.

INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co does not guarantee the reliability, legality, utility, lack of errors or accuracy of the Website contents.

  1. LINKS

INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co cannot control the contents, information, products or services involving the third-party websites to which access may be gained through the Website or which have links that provide access to the Website. INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co has no relationship with the aforementioned third-party websites and denies all liability which may result from the User’s access thereto or use thereof, and it is the User’s responsibility to review and accept the corresponding terms of use and privacy policies. In order to create a link on any other Internet website which provides access to the Website, the User must be given the express prior approval of INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co. Furthermore, it is completely prohibited to create links to the Website from Internet sites which violate the Law, morals or the public order, or which promote hatred, contempt or discrimination based on birth, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, opinion or any other personal or social status or circumstance.


The handling of the Users’ personal data is subject to the provisions of the “Privacy Policy” stated on the Website, the explicit and unconditional acceptance of which shall be required of any Users who submit forms or email messages containing personal data to INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co.


INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co uses data storage and retrieval mechanisms (Cookies”), as indicated in the “Cookies Policy” section to be found on the Website, which the User must review. The use of certain Cookies is conditional upon the User’s consent, which is regarded as having been granted when the User continues browsing the Website. Nevertheless, the User may block or disable Cookies, as indicated in the section titled “Cookies Policy.”


The User may join the groups of INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co on different social networks. In such instances, the User must verify and comply with the usage terms, the privacy policy, the cookies policy and all other conditions on the social network in question, and INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co is released from all liability with regard to the User’s use of that social network.


This Legal Notice shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain, which shall be applied on a subsidiary basis for all that which has not been foreseen herein. Any dispute or litigation which arises between the User and INTERNATIONAL EDITORS’Co with regard to the Website shall be subjected by the parties to judgement by the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, Spain, expressly waiving their right to seek justice in any other jurisdiction where they might otherwise be able to do so.

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