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El Taller del Lector (Reader’s Workshop) is addressed to everyone interested in literature and reading and  anyone willing to approach the literary text from a more active and deep perspective.

The goal of the workshop is to become a manner of “squeezing” the text in a better way, of progressing together, of making the most of reading and enjoying it. We will become more active and imaginative readers.

Our goal is to dismantle the book, deconstruct it to make it our own by attempting to transform the individual act of reading into a ludic and creative act.

The criteria to select the titles is none other than the literary quality principle. We will suggest authors who are not widely known (Hiromi Kawakami, Natalia Ginzburg), and very significant names in the history of literature (Stefan Zweig, John Williams). We will combine new and recent titles with backlist and we will cover a wide range of periods.

Throughout the process we will learn to read differently, enjoying the text and appreciating the details and we will make these literary encounters have a special resonance.

Since El Taller del Lector (Reader’s Workshop) was founded in 2013, the number of participants has been constantly increasing.

Menchu Solís, the director of this workshop, has worked in publishing for more than twenty years in publishing houses such as Tusquets Editores, Alba and El Cobre. She has also been a literary agent and a free-lance editor.

She started El Taller del Lector (Reader’s Workshop) in 2013 in order to share her passion for reading with other people who also love books.

For more information about the Workshop, you could contact Menchu Solís at:

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