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Taller de escritura



  1. Narrative fact.
  2. Mimesis and representation.
  3. Image, description, storytelling. Stream of consciousness.
  4. Fiction sources.
  5. Characters and masks.
  6. Narrative Agreement. Point of view.
  7. Approach to stories and micro-stories.
  8. Approach to the novel.
  9. Self correction.
  10. Identifying our own voice.


There will be practical exercises in every session related to literature, cinema, photography and music.

Workshop length: 20 hours (two hour session once a week)



Juan José Flores (1955)  has published fiction Cómo un ángel herido (1997) Ed. Thassàlia, En el umbral (2002) Ed. Edhasa, Todas las primaveras  (2005) Ed. Alfaguara, El corazón del héroe (2009) Ed. Alfaguara, and the collection of stories Vida de perro (2007) Ed. Menoscuarto.

The goal of the workshops is not only to provide basic information, personal experience and the possibility of carrying out practical exercises- both individually and in a group- related to short stories, micro-stories, screenplays, etc. but also and above all, to encourage a continuous and meditative debate about the “narrative fact”, as the workshop sessions take place and several questions arise.

The idea is to approach every subject from several points of view, using artistic disciplines different from literature itself, like painting, photography, cinema and music. Everything will take place in a participatory and entertaining manner.
One of the aims of the workshop could be to think about questions such as what do we do when we write? Why do we write? How do we write?

Addressed to the debut writer but also writers who already have minimum experience, maybe it wouldn’t be useless to stop along the way in order to reflect on- also collectively- the activity of producing fiction. It would be a way to back off briefly, to step back in a meditative way in order to jump again into the center of creativity with a new perspective.
The number of participants is limited so that debate, practical exercises and exchange of ideas can take place fluently. The workshops are organized in an absolutely open way and there is no academic qualification or writing experience recquired.

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