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Author's biography

Natza Farré is well known in Catalan media. She’s a scriptwriter and radio speaker on one of the most successful Catalan radio programme, La Competència (RAC1), and she has her own section as host in El Món (RAC1), both of which are leading prime time radio programs. She frequently takes part in cultural and political TV programs on TV3 and 8TV, leading media in Catalunya. Snappuy Cours on Feminism (Ara Llibres, 2017) is her first non fiction book that has achieved seven editions and more than 10,000 copies sold.

Author's works


  • Que no t’expliquin contes! (Amsterdam. Ara Llibres, 2020), illustrated by Gala Pont.

Non fiction

  • Curso de feminismo por microondas (Now Books, 2018)
  • Curs de feminisme per microones (Ara Llibres, 2016)
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