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Author's biography

Albert Bosch has a long track as adventurer, entrepreneur and writer.
Among many other adventures, has crossed Antartida unassisted from the coast to the South Pole (1.152Km. -98% Solo); he has completed the ‘7 Summits’ project (Climbing the highest mountain of each continent, finishing at the top of Mt. Everest); he has participated in 9 Dakar Rallies (2 with motor-bike & 7 with car) where in 2015 he became the first pilot in history to drive a non fossil fuel car (100% electric) in the Dakar Rally; he is a regular Ultra Marathons runner, and has done more than 100 races in different extreme sports.
He is an entrepreneur since he was 26 years old, and in 2004 founded INVERGROUP as a platform to manage and promote projects in the field of clean energy and environment.
In both fields he has achieved some remarkable successes, but also has accumulated a large number of failures which he accepts with pride, because they are also part of his life evolution.
Both in the adventure and entrepreneurship, he keeps always committed to strong values of sustainability.
Renowned speaker and writer about leadership attitudes, with Five books published.
He likes challenges, prepare thoroughly to get them, and organize the project to get the best result from both the sporting challenge as professional or personal level, and always with a sincere commitment to sustainability and achievement of results, spreading awareness or attitudes the responsible leadership and of respect for the environment.
Albert was born in 1966 in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona-Catalonia-Spain). His biggest adventure: family with 3 kids. He studied Business and M.B.A. in E.S.A.D.E.

Author's works

  • El explorador del futuro. – La actitud clave para liderar el futuro (Ediciones B) 2016
  • Vivir para sentirse vivo. – 2.304.400 Pasos hasta el fin del mundo (Ediciones B) 2015
  • El valor del viaje. – Aprendizajes de 10 viajes históricos de grandes exploradores
  • Espíritu de aventura. – Los 7 retos del Emprendedor
  • Pablo Pineda. – Ser diferente es un valor
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