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Author's biography

Fàtima Llambrich (L’Ametlla de Mar, 1980) has a degree in Journalism and Criminology and an MBA in Security and Prevention from the University of Barcelona. She also has a Postgraduate degree in Advanced Criminal Profiling Techniques and Investigative Psychology from the University of Barcelona. She currently works in the information programme on Catalan public television, TV3. In 2016 she published her first book, a top quality journalistic investigation based on a real crime which she novelized into an addictive thriller, Homicide Without a Corpse (Sin cadáver, Ara Llibres in Catalan and Spanish). It follows the case of a murderer based on three years of interviews of the criminal in jail that creates a vivid portrait of a disturbingly seductive man. This book falls into the category of books dealing with corpse-less homicides and other criminal disappearences.

Author's works

Non fiction

  • Sense cadàver (Ara Llibres, 2016) – Sin cadáver (Now Books, 2016)
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