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Author's biography

Though Augusto Monterroso was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1921, he was a Guatemalan citizen. He was exiled from Guatemala in 1944 for opposing Jorge Ubico’s dictatorship and protesting against United States-owned banana plantations operating in Central America.

During the toughest times of the dictatorship, Augusto Monterroso was one of the 1940 Generation, founders of the Authors and Writers Association in Guatemala and the literary magazine Acento, in which he published his first stories.

In 1944, the October Revolution broke out in Guatemala and not much later Augusto Monterroso was named consul for Guatemala in Mexico until 1953. He was then sent to La Paz (Bolivia) as a consul for his country and one year later he renounced his post and began a new exile in Santiago. There he contributed to the magazine La Gaceta de Chile at the invitation of Pablo Neruda.

In 1956 Monterroso definitively returned to Mexico, where was involved in many cultural projects.

In 1996, he obtained the prestigious Juan Rulfo Award (México).

In 1988, he received the highest honour the Mexican government can bestow on foreign dignitaries, the Aguila Azteca. In 2000, he has won the prestigious Spanish Award Príncipe de Asturias de Literaura for his literary career.

He died in Mexico in 2003.

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