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Author's biography

Paco Muro is a founding partner and executive chairman of Otto Walter (OW), a leading Spanish consultancy in Management and Sales Behaviour Development. A passionate entrepreneur for the enterprise world, Paco Muro and his consultancy firm has contributed to the development and improvement of the professional behaviour of thousands of professionals.

Before founding OW, Paco Muro was a senior consultant in several European consultant firms.  Also have management experience in different Spanish and multinational companies.

He regularly writes articles for the economic press: Expansión, Banca & Finanzas, Capital, Harvard-Desuto, Nueva Empresa, etc. and collaborates in Radio Intereconomía.

The Spanish business papers Expansión and Empleo consider him one of the seven main Spanish experts in management.

He is also author of several international best sellers of management narrative, such as El pez que no quiso evolucionar or Ir o no ir, which have been translated into eight languages.

Author's works


  • El pez que no quiso evolucionar (Empresa Activa, 2009)
  • Ir o no ir (Empresa Activa, 2006)
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