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Jara Perez

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Author's biography

Jara A. Pérez López (Madrid, 1984), was born in Madrid but grew up in Andalucía, where she feels she belongs. She studied Psychology and specialized in Systemic Therapy and Psychoanalysis. As a militant feminist she has written for various magazines, like Vice and SModa. She now lives in the middle of the desert isolated from noise, where she practices as a psychotherapist. She conducts activist projects related to mental health and darknesses, the “mud”, as she calls it. She coordinated the fanzine Fango and has written two books: Lo que sale de mi coño with Libros de Autoengaño and La locura como superpoder with Libros Cúpula (Planeta).

Author's work

Non Fiction

  • La locura como superpoder (Libros Cúpula, 2019)
  • Lo que sale de mi coño (Libros de Autoengaño)
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