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Author's biography

Emma Ros has a degree in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A creator and screenplay writer for cartoons, she is also the author of four children’s books. In 2010 her first novel, En tierra de dioses, was published and it was an absolute success among critics and readers. It has been followed by two other historical novels. In the non fiction field, she has also written several cook books, together with the chef José Martín Gris, about different ways of cooking healthy, with great success.

Author's works

Non Fiction

  • Maneras de Cocinar verduras y hortalizas (Grijalbo, 2018)
  • Maneras de cocinar legumbres (Grijalbo, 2018)


  • La ruta del incienso (Kailas, 2017)
  • La sacerdotisa de la luna (Urano, 2012).
  • En tierra de dioses (Urano, 2009)
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