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Author's biography

Marina Sanmartín studied journalism in Valencia, she writes a weekly column for the national newspaper ABC devoted to crime books. She also works as editor at Tres Hermanas, the literary imprint of Sílex Group, and as from this summer she also codirects a bookstore in Madrid where she lives. Sanmartín began publishing very young, her first novel The Key is in Turgueniev (Eutelaquia) was published in 2012, two years later, she jumped to a bigger publishing house, Principal de los Libros, where she published The Love that Makes Us All Evil, Report on the Victim and The Garden of Suspects (January, 2018), which has received glowing reviews from journalists and bloggers.

Author's works


  • El jardín de los sospechosos (Principal de los Libros, 2018)
  • Informe sobre la víctima (Principal de los Libros, 2016)
  • El amor que nos vuelve malvados (Principal de los Libros, 2014)
  • La clave está en Turgueniev (Eutelequia, 2012)
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