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Author's biography

Ramón J. Sender (Huesca, Spain 1901 – California, USA 1982) is “the first contemporary author to write in Spanish, according to the Times Literary Supplement. Without a doubt, Sender holds one of the most important places among 20th century Spanish authors, perhaps next to Camilo José Cela and Pío Baroja. After beginning a Liberal Arts degree, Sender became a journalist and collaborated with several publications, ultimately directing the magazine Tensor. Disappointed with the anarchist movement, Sender was drawn to Communism, an ideology that he would later renounce. After actively fighting in the Civil War, he exiled in France, and, a year later, left for Mexico. In 1942 he moved to the United States where he taught literature. From an exiled writer with a cult status, Sender became popular in a developing and tepidly more open Spain with the help of Destino and their complete edition of Crónica del Alba (1965) as well as the Planeta Prize awarded to him in 1969 for the story En la vida de Ignacio Morel.

In his truly extensive works Sender employed multiple approaches, techniques, and themes. Nevertheless, there are common elements running throughout all of his books: an interest in human nature and a thirst for investigating what underlies the evolution of history. His trajectory is marked by various tendencies which range from realist narrative techniques –Imán or Réquiem por un campesino español, considered to be one of the best novels written in Spanish during the 20th century– to autobiographical ones –Crónica del Alba– by way of historical stories and accounts. Additionally, his prolific body of work includes several essays, articles, and plays.

His work has been published in both Spain and Latin America -primarily by Destino- and throughout the world.

Author's works


  • El fugitivo (1972)
  • Nocturno de los catorce (1971)
  • La aventura equinoccial de Lope de Aguirre (1964)
  • Jubileo en el Zócalo (1964)
  • La tesis de Nancy (1962)
  • Réquiem por un campesino español (1960)
  • Bizancio (1956)
  • El verdugo afable (1952)
  • La esfera (1947)
  • Epitalamio del prieto Trinidad (1942)
  • El lugar del hombre (1939)

Literary prizes

  • Planeta Award 1969 with the novel En la vida de Ignacio Morel 
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