(Madrid, 1947) is a writer, poet, translator, and member of the Royal Galician Academy. Possessing one of the most singular voices in Galician literature, her work has received the most important awards in poetry, for several collections of poems that give voice to women, and narrative, such as Bad Women (2020) -National Narrative Prize 2022 and Blanco Amor Prize 2020-, as well as narrative for young people. In Spanish, her most recent books include the essay Shifting the Frames of Patriarchy: The Feminist Thought of Emilia Pardo Bazán (Ménades, 2021), together with María López Sández, and the volume of short stories Wolves On Islands (Arde, 2022) -Nollegiu 2022 Prize for Translated Narrative.

(Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1976) is a writer and a journalist.

She has published articles in newspapers and magazines around the world. Ampuero is the editor of the short-story section in the cultural supplement of the Spanish newspaper ABC and teaches journalism in the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. In 2012 she was selected as one of the 100 most influential Latin-Americans in Spain, where she resides. She has published the narrative non-fiction books What I Learned at the Hairdressing Salon (Dinediciones, 2011) and Residence Permit (Caracola Editores, 2013). In 2016 she received the Cosecha Eñe Award for Short Stories. Cockfight (Páginas de Espuma, 2018) was her first short story book and its success was overwhelming.
is one of the most renowned Colombian writers of the 20th century. She studied Literature and Art at the Universidad de los Andes and she has worked as a journalist and art and film critic. She studied Literature and Art in Paris (La Sorbonne), Rome and London. She has published the novels Sunflowers in Winter (1970), Twice Alicia (1972), There Was the Bird Sitting in the Lime Green (1975), Misiá señora (1982) and The Andariegas (1984), and the book of short stories Oh, gloria inmarcesible! (1979).
was born in Albacete and from a very young age he was attracted to literature, comics and cinema. He studied graphic design and advertising. He made some shorts and even wrote and directed a feature film, which he got released in Hollywood. El secreto de Elisa Lecrerc (2012) was his debut as a novelist, followed by Buenaventura (Suma 2015) and La mala semilla (2018).
(Barcelona, 1982), is a writer, illustrator and filmmaker. He has published the trilogy The World of Komori (Mare Nostrum, 2007), as well as book-games Mysteries Underground (Hidra, 2011), several stories in different anthologies The Best of Spanish Steampunk (Cheeky Frawg, 2015), the novel La Estrella ( Viceversa, 2011) and the youth trilogy Borealia (Astronave/Norma, 2018), both together with Isabel Hierro. His latest book is The Inevitable Destiny by Arlène Revêtruite (La Galera, 2021).
(Manresa, 1963) has a degree in Education Sciences from the University of Barcelona. She is a teacher, therapist and family counselor, pedagogical consultant, trainer of trainers and mother of two children. She is a renowned researcher and specialist in emotions, communication and human relations. She collaborates with the newspaper Ara, professor of postgraduate and university master’s degrees and lecturer. She is the creator, together with Montse Jiménez, of the project «Observatory of Educational Communication». She is the author and co-author of various books, including: Assertiveness (2008), Adolescents (2008), The divorce that unites us (2007), Educating to love life (2017) and How to take care of emotional health (2022).
(Barcelona, 1970) holds a PhD in Medicine from the University of Barcelona in 2006 and a degree in Political Science from the UNED in 2015.
MIR in endocrinology and nutrition. Also known as @themedifitness on social networks, he tries to inculcate healthy habits and Fitness in general to patients with metabolic pathologies, a strong advocate of incorporating lifestyle factors into healthcare.
(1919-1998) wrote poetry in traditional stanzas, everyday poetry (also called antipoetry, due to its theme and prosaic form), prose, theater and film scripts; he also experimented with visual poetry, objects, installations, and corporeal poems. Although his intense creative activity began in the 1940s, recognition of him as a leading figure in contemporary literature did not come until the publication, in 1970, of Poesía raída, a gathering of unpublished books from the period 1945-1959. Brossa’s poetry is characterized by the playful, brief and surprising short poem. In his latest books there is a contained and emotional reflection on life and de
(Barcelona, 1967) has published fifteen books, among them the novel De portes endins (Rosa del Vents, 2021), El brigadista (Rosa dels Vents/Pengui Random House, 2015), translated into Spanish by Editorial Milenio and Aquests catalans estan tocats del bolet (Cossetània, 2010), the novel for children En John Gardfield en territori xeiene (Estrella Polar, 2010) and the short stories Paper higiènic (Llibres de l’Índex, 2006). He works as a translator and he is the author of several TV and film scripts.
(Barcelona, 1991) graduated in Literary Studies from the University of Barcelona and master’s degree in Literary Creation from Pompeu Fabra University. He currently combines writing with teaching. In 2019 he made his debut with L’impostor de Viena (Estrella Polar), the Alba Award for Best Fantastic Book for Young People in Catalan. Her second novel, L’assassina de Venècia (Estrella Polar, 2021) was awarded the Ramon Muntaner Prize for juvenile literatura.
(Havana, 1957) has a degree in English language and literature, and has won numerous international awards for her work, including the fr Seghers Prize awarded by the Berlin Academy of Arts in 1990, or the International Goliardos Prize. in 2003 for his novel Fables of an Extraterrestrial Grandmother.

Her works also include El hombre, la hembra y el hambre, Azorín Award in 1998 and La isla de los amores infinitos (Grijalbo, 2006).

The latter was a great international success and has been translated into twenty-seven languages. Her latest work is The Children of the Hurricane Goddess (Grijalbo, 2019).

(Barcelona, 1978).

She received a PhD in Psychology from the University of Barcelona in 2011. She works in the Child-Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology Service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
(Oviedo, 1971) is a journalist, writer and science communicator. Expert in the figure of Nikola Tesla, he has edited and extended two compilations of the inventor’s writings: Me and Energy (Turner, 2011) and Signed: Nikola Tesla (Turner, 2012). In 2014, he published his first novel, Tesla and the Conspiracy of Light (Destino/ Planeta). And a year later, he published The Star Calculators, also with Destino. He is currently writing in El Español, Yorokobu and collaborates on the radio program, Doppler Effect (Radio 3).
has a degree in Sociology from the University of Deusto, a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, a diploma in Business Administration (SEP) from the Stanford Business School and a master’s degree in information and Knowledge Society from the UOC. He is a member of the American Marketing Association, the Academy of Management, the Conway Hall Ethical Society, and the Skeptics Society. For fourteen years he was a professor of Marketing at Esade. Among his extensive published work, the camouflaged oligarch (Navona), The Management canon (Deusto) and The company, a striptease (Gestión 2000) stand out.
(Málaga, 1981) is an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic humorist. He studied Graphic Design at the San Telmo School of Art and, later, published humor strips in the magazine ¡Dibus! He has also created opinion cartoons for the magazine El Jueves (where he won the Gin Prize for Graphic Humor) and for the newspaper La Opinión de Málaga. He also works as a freelance illustrator specializing in fantasy stories for young readers.
(Barcelona, 1972) is a Catalan feminist journalist and communicator. She is known for her participation in the program “La competència” on the Catalan radio station RAC 1, directed Natza by Òscar Andreu and Òscar Dalmau. She is also a television announcer for TV3 in programs such as “Ja t’ho faràs” and has participated in programs with .CAT. She has published the book Curs de feminisme per microones (Ara llibres, 2016), Que no t’expliquin contes! (Amsterdam, 2020) and Tinc algunes certeses i molts dubtes (Ara llibres, 2022).
was born in Barcelona in 1955. He got his degree in Biology in the Universidad de Barcelona. He has been a proofreader and a teacher in the pionner academy Anthropos, from the same publishing house.

He has published the novels

Como un ángel herido

(Editorial Thassàlia, 1997),

En el umbral

(Editorial Edhasa, 2002),

Todas las primaveras

(Editorial Alfaguara, 2005),

El corazón del héroe

(Editorial Alfaguara, 2009) and

Aún podemos ganar

(Stella Maris, 2016).

He has also published the short stories book Vida de perro (Editorial Menoscuarto, 2007). In 2018 he won the Best Jazz Story Award and in 2022 he published The Endless Combat (Navona).
From 1999 to 2006, Bet was a member of the Parliament of Catalonia, assuming responsibilities related to the environment, territorial policy and agriculture, among others. For the last three years, she was Secretary of the Parliamentary Bureau. Since then, she has continued her commitment to sustainability in companies that advocate for the continuity of a better world.
has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and is now a retired professor from the University of Córdoba. Her lines of research and her publications fundamentally deal with women and aging, co-education, and feminism. Her latest books are So Refreshing: The New Mature Woman in the 21st Century (Paidós, 2013/ Enrick B. Editions, 2015), No Rules. Women’s Erotica and Freedom in Maturity (Capitan Swing, 2018/ Orlanda Verlag, 2019) and Me, Old Lady(Capitán Swing, 2021/ Orlanda Verlag, 2022), which sold more than 20,000 copies.
is the creator of the website and the Instagram and TikTok profiles @keto_con_laura and @keto_with_lau in English, where she shares her passion for cooking and especially for inventing new recipes. She champions flawed, laid-back, and real keto, with no guilt or banned ingredients.
(Barcelona, 1997) studied Audiovisual Communication and jazz and modern music. He jumped to fame in OT 2017, and represented Spain at Eurovision 2018. Alfred has established himself as the most versatile contestant of his edition of the programme, standing out in fields as diverse as writing, composition, music and photography, among others. His first studio album, 1016, was released in 2018.
(Madrid, 1987) has a degree in Physics and works as a programmer for several startups. She has been cultivating her writing for more than ten years and throughout this time she has written for several cultural media outlets such as Nayagua, Ámbito Cultural or La Grieta. She also completed the Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Hotel Kafka.

Spanish psychologist, Montserrat Giménez is a specialist in education and child development, being a professor at the Cardenal Cisneros University School.

Throughout her career she has published numerous articles and essays, regularly collaborating with media such as Mía, Saber vivir or La Mirada.

(Barcelona, 1946) has been, among a variety of other things, a puppeteer, a bard, a bookbinder, and a cocotte-ologist. He lived intensely for many years and now dedicates his time to commentary and contemplation.

(Barcelona, 1988) has a degree in Contemporary History from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. After completing a master’s degree in pedagogy, she is currently dedicated to teaching and writing. In 2017 she published her first novel, Paper Needles (Maeva) with notable success. She also published The Aroma of Happy Days (Maeva, 2019), The Dragonfly’s Journey (Maeva, 2020) and The Muse of the  Black Flower (Maeva, 2023).

Nuria Labari (Santander, 1979) is a writer and journalist. She studied Political

Science at the University of the Basque Country and International Relations at the Ortega y Gasset Institute. She collaborated with the digital portals of El Mundo and Telecinco, where she was editor-in-chief. She wrote the book of short stories The drunks of my Life (Lengua de trapo, 2009), winner of the VII Narrative Prize from Caja Madrid. She also appeared in the selection of short stories Small Resistances 5: Anthology of the New Spanish Short Stories (Páginas de Espuma, 2010), edited by Andrés Neuman. She also writed the novel Things that Shine when Broken (Círculo de Tiza, 2016), World’s Best Mother (Literatura Random House, 2019) and Last White Men (Literatura Random House, 2022).

(Madrid,1985) , is an editor and professor of literary creation in Hotel Kafka in Madrid. He worked as editor in Demipage editorial and in the magazine Buensalvaje. Currently he is editor of Lengua de Trapo and Alba Editoeial. He holds a PhD in Latin American Literature and he has published the essay I Slept with a Ghost (Mangos de Hacha, 2013) and the novel The Favours (La Palma Editorial, 2016). In 2022 he published “Los sueños asequibles de Josefina Jarama” and it became one of the best narrative debuts of the year.
is an educator and since 1986 she has been working with children and adolescents in contact with nature. She has trained in emotional education, coaching, NLP, positive communication and leadership with horses. She is co-director of La Granja Escuela de Santa Maria de Palautordera, where 10,000 children and 1,200 teachers pass every year. She is president of the Foundation for Education. In 2006, the pedagogical team of La Granja Escuela pioneered the implementation of emotional education in activity programs with children, given the numerous emotional deficiencies they perceived in them, developing their own methodology. She also gives practical emotional education courses to students, teachers and parents, and gives lectures at schools, companies and sports entities. She has also participated in various television, radio and press programs, and directs the publication Va d’ educació. She is married and has two children, ages 18 and 14.
(San Sebastian, 1966) has been trained in the fields of Clinical Nutrition, Psychology, Physical Education and Complementary Medicine. For eighteen years he has combined his clinical work with teaching. He is the coordinator for Spain of the A.F.M.O (French Association of Orthomolecular Medicine) and recently he was named Honorary President of A.E.N.T.O.C. (The Spanish Association of Qualified Orthomolecular Nutritionists and Therapists). He has published several books, among them

illustrator and writer was born in Camarles (Catalonia) on December 13, 1976. She made her debut as a novelist when, together with fellow writer Javi Araguz, she rescued a draft that she had been working on for years but had never sat down to. writing seriously due to lack of time. The result was La estrella, a finalist novel for the I As de Picas Award.

(Mexico, 1947) comes from a family of Lebanese Jewish origins. She grew up in a home where five languages were spoken. Beginning in 1970, Barbara started publishing stories and essays in literary magazines and supplements. Her novel Dead Leaves (1987) received Mexico’s Xavier Villaurrutia Prize, and has been translated into English, Italian and Portuguese. He has written a wide variety of other books including The Owner of the Poe Hotel (2014) and The Good Company (2019). In 2023, her first title was published again in Spain: Dead Leaves (MAPA, 2023).
has a degree in design and philosophy. She began her journey with comics thanks to fanzines and graffiti and this passion for portraying people and characters led her to her first published book: Carmen de Mairena, a Biography (Blackie Books, 2017) which won the Junceda award for Best Comic of the year. Since then she has specialised in creativity, relaxation and meditation and teaches a multitude of classes and workshops to help other artists overcome creative blocks. With her latest book Graffiti (Blackie Books, 2023) she brings together all her early experience in this unique urban world.

was awarded the prestigious Premio Nacional de Literatura in 1991 and was twice finalist of the Premio Herralde de Novela (in 1987 and 2002). He was born in the province of Chimaltenango (Guatemala) in 1948. A PhD in Literature by the University of Florence in 1977, he has worked as a Professor of Latin American literature at the Universities of Milano, Bolonia, Feltre, Brescia and San Carlos (Guatemala). He collaborates as a literature critic in several newspapers. He lives in Italy since 1980.

Dante Liano has previously published El hijo de casa (Roca, 2004; Sperling e Kupfer, 2003), El hombre de Montserrat (Roca, 2005; Sperling e Kupfer, 1999) and El misterio de San Andrés (Roca, 2006; Sperling e Kupfer, 1998). He has also published a series of children books together with Peace Nobel price winner Rigoberta Menchú.

(L’Ametlla de Mar, 1980) has a degree in Journalism and Criminology and an MBA in Security and Prevention from the University of Barcelona. She also has a Postgraduate degree in Advanced Criminal Profiling Techniques and Investigative Psychology from the University of Barcelona. She currently works in the information programme on Catalan public television, TV3. In 2016 she published her first book, a top quality journalistic investigation based on a real crime which she novelized into an addictive thriller, Homicide Without a Corpse (Sin cadáver, Ara Llibres in Catalan and Spanish). It follows the case of a murderer based on three years of interviews of the criminal in jail that creates a vivid portrait of a disturbingly seductive man. This book falls into the category of books dealing with corpse-less homicides and other criminal disappearences.
(Santiago de Compostela, 1978) is a writer and theatre critic. She became known in 1996 with the novel Snow in April, and soon won the recognition of the public and critics with the most important awards in Galician literature. In 2016 she published the acclaimed The Same Days when we were Bad (Galaxia, 2016 / Lumen, 2020) and in 2020 The Daughter’s Book (Galaxia / Lumen) wich won the 2020 Critics’ Prize for Galicina Narrative. Inma López Silva is also a columnist, translator of Albert Camus and Jean Genet, and author of essays on theatre. In 2019 she was one of the ten women writers between the ages of thirty and forty selected by the Spanish Agency for Cooperation and Development to represent Spain and promote her work in various countries. Her last title is School of Wives (Tres Hermanas, 2023).
(Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, 1977), of Jaen roots and adopted from Granada, is a civil engineer and passionate about history. He has given conferences on historical literature and has organized literary routes in Granada through the scenes of his writings. His first novel, El esclavo de la Al-hambra, set in Nasrid Granada in the 14th century, was published by Ediciones B in 2010, with great recognition from readers and critics. Later, he was followed by the novels El Mármara en llamas (Editions B, 2012), El señor de Castilla (Editions B, 2013) and La furia del Fénix (Editions B, 2016), El Veneciano (Edhasa, 2018), Don Juan Manuel . The Guardian of Words (Edhasa, 2020) and Lope de Vega. Disdain and fury (Edhasa, 2021).
worked in the audiovisual field for twenty years, producing publicity for the world of finances, documentary films and TV series. In 1995, he started working in the education of health, diversity, and development. He is the creator of the character Pipsqueak. He has written the scripts of both of the cartoon series and several stories for children, all about this character.

He has also published three adult books:

Maneras de Cocinar verduras y hortalizas, Maneras de cocinar legumbres

(Grijalbo, 2018 – Together with Emma Ros),

Para adelgazar utiliza tu cerebro.
Historias para no engordar
(Use your Mind to Lose Weight. Stories to Avoid Gaining Weight, Zenith) and Cuidado con los deseos, se pueden cumplir ((Be Careful with What You Wish For, They Can Come True, RBA).
is a journalist, screenwriter, creative and writer. She has developed her professional career mainly on the radio and for a few years she has been one of the main collaborators of El Hormiguero. She has participated in the books We are nobody and We are nobody 2.

She has published the books Los besos no se gastan (Espasa, 2013) or Los sabores perdidos (Ediciones B, 2019).

she has published five children’s books together with Dante Liano. In them, they show what life is like in the villages of the Maya mountains. The origin of the stories lies in the ancient Mayan oral tradition.

(1967) has worked for more than twenty years in the publishing world and has taught postgraduate and master’s degrees in publishing at the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the IDEC of the Pompeu Fabra University.

Graduated in Hispanic Philology at the UAB, where he was a founding member of the Spanish Literary Exile Study Group, he has often written about his specialty in various magazines, both Spanish and American, and has participated in collective books and conferences. Since 2012 he has maintained the blog about books and publishing history negritasycursivas. He stands out for his work A dos tintas (Debate, 2013).

(Ávila, 1972) has a degree in Journalism, a master’s degree in international relations and communication and is a war correspondent for TVE. He was the public broadcaster’s first special envoy to the war in Ukraine. He also covered the battle of Mosul against the Islamic State and the wars in Syria, Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Gaza and the Second Intifada. As a correspondent in the Middle East, he has reported on the Arab Spring in different countries, such as Egypt and Western Sahara, and on the situation in Turkey and Iran. He is the author of The Girl at the Gates of Hell (2017) and Mosul Doctor (2021).
is a certified Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition of New York. She has also studied in the Matthew Kenney academy in the USA. She lives in Barcelona, Spain. She has published the book Ama, come, vive, brilla (Love, Eat, Live, Shine), published by Lunwerg in 2017.
(Honduras, 1921-México, 2003) was named consul for Guatemala in Mexico in 1944 until 1953 when he moved to Chile again as exiled. There he contributed to the magazine La Gaceta de Chile at the invitation of Pablo Neruda. In 1956 Monterroso definitively returned to Mexico, where was involved in many cultural projects. In 1996, he obtained the prestigious Juan Rulfo Award and in 2000, he won the prestigious Príncipe de Asturias Award for Literature for his literary career. He published for the first time in 1959 Complete Works (and other Stories). His remarkable books include: Black Sheep and Other Fables (1969), Perpetual Movement (1972), or All the Rest is Silence (1978) and a collection of essays The Cow (1998).

is a founding partner and executive chairman of Otto Walter (OW), a leading Spanish consultancy in Management and Sales Behaviour Development. A passionate entrepreneur for the enterprise world, Paco Muro and his consultancy firm has contributed to the development and improvement of the professional behaviour of thousands of professionals. Before founding OW, Paco Muro was a senior consultant in several European consultant firms.  Also have management experience in different Spanish and multinational companies. He regularly writes articles for the economic press: Expansión, Banca & Finanzas, Capital, Harvard-Desuto, Nueva Empresa, etc. and collaborates in Radio Intereconomía.

The Spanish business papers Expansión and Empleo consider him one of the seven main Spanish experts in management. He is author of several internaitonal best sellers of management narrative, such as El pez que no quiso evolucionar (Empresa activa, 2009) or Ir o no ir (Empresa activa, 2006).

is a writer, poet and lecturer with national and international recognition. She has a PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences. She is a UNESCO professor at the National Distance Education University. She has published 24 books, including fiction, poetry, essays, and treatises, with work translated into several languages. She has participated in more than 50 collective works. Among her publications, Bienvenido, Juan (Editorial Graó / Círculo de Lectores, 2006) or Despacio, despacio (Editorial Obelisco, 2010) stand out.
(Barcelona, 1971) is a Spanish actress, famous for her participation in the programmes Homo zapping and Buenafuente. In January 2008 she participated in the second season of La que se avecina. Her latest film is Padre no hay más que uno 3.
(Terrasa, Vallès Occidental, 1941) is a Catalan poet, narrator and literary critic. She has also cultivated the essay and the biographical genre. She is the author of books such as Primers dies de 1968 (1968), Setembre 30 (prologued by Gabriel Ferrater, 1969), Vida privada (1972), Memòria (1979), A favor meu, nostre (1981), Tria de poemes (1994) i L’amor a Barcelona (1998). In 2007 an anthology of her work was published: Poemes: 1969-2007: Antologia. In 1997 she received the Creu de Sant Jordi from the Generalitat of Catalonia.
has a German mother and a Catalan father. She studied Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona and has been immersed in the world of dance for over thirty years, in the fields of teaching, choreography and performance. Geraniums on the Balcony (Maeva, 2018) was her first novel and it sold more than 20k copies in Italy (Garzanti, 2021). Her last title is War Toys (Maeva, 2021/ Garzanti, 2023).
is Psychologist by Universidad de Barcelona, and has a general practice as a clinical psychologist. Inma publishedRetratos de familia. Lo que quiso saber y no se atrevió a preguntar sobre la empresa familiar, a book for families who work together as well as for professional advisors. Tras las viñas (Beyond the Vines) was her second book, written together with the prominent Catalan sommelier Josep Roca, from El Celler de Can Roca, voted the best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine and awarded with three Michelin stars, an exceptional book that relates the story of 12 international wine-producers with their wines (Debate/Penguin Random House, 2016).
has a degree in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A creator and screenplay writer for cartoons, she is also the author of four children’s books. In 2010 her first novel, En tierra de dioses was published which was an absolute success among critics and readers. In the non-fiction field, she has also written several cook books, together with the chef José Martín Gris, about different ways of cooking healthy, with great success.
(Barcelona,1989) studied Law and had a brilliant career as a labor lawyer, until the day she decided that she needed more. More than an internship at the ONU headquarters in New York, and more than a PhD from Columbia University. Currently living in Barcelona, Leticia writes for Vogue Spain and Vogue International, collaborates with the young Spanish singer Rosalía, and regularly feeds her Instagram account. Her frist title Scrolling after Sex (Terranova 2018), placed her within the most contemporary Spanish literary scene and with her second work In Real Life, (Destino/ Planeta 2020), she made the great leap to a great publishing house.
is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience, an outstanding scholar and practitioner of the current of cognitive-behavioral psychology, an approach whose benefits he has committed to transferring from the consultations and classrooms to the daily life of people. He is convinced that happiness can be “learned” and “taught” and that society needs, and deserves, a better education in the emotional sphere that will help it avoid unnecessary suffering or combat it with better resources. He has published Reason and emotion (RBA, 2015), a book that teaches us to use reason to better manage our emotions, which was a bestseller in Spain, and Emotional Freedom (Paidos, 2004/La Magrana, 2015, in Catalan).
(Valencia, 1977) is a writer, journalist, editor and bookseller. She writes a weekly columna for ABC devoted to crime books, works as editor at Tres Hermanas and codirects the Cervantes y Compañía bookstore in Madrid. Sanmartín began publishing very young, her first novel The Key is in Turgueniev (Eutelaquia) was published in 2012, two years later, she jumped to a bigger publishing house, Principal de los Libros, where she published The Love that Makes Us All Evil (2014), Report on the Victim (2016) and The Garden of Suspects (2018). Her last title is Hands so Small (Harper Collins Ibérica, 2022) awarded  for Best Novel of Suspense in Valencia Negra.
(Huesca, 1901-San Diego, 1982), was one of the most important Spanish writers of the 20th century. He participated in the war in Morocco as a replacement soldier and upon his return he settled in Madrid, where he would soon become one of the most outstanding writers and journalists of his time. The events of the Spanish Civil War – in which his wife and one of his brothers were assassinated – and various personal and ideological discrepancies ended up separating him from his communist militancy. He is the author of a vast narrative work, although he also wrote essays, plays and poetry. His Works include Mister Witt in the Cantón (1935), which won him the Spanish National, Requiem for a Spanish Farmer (1960); The Teen Thief (1965), about the American gunman Billy the Kid, and The Equinoctial Adventure of Lope de Aguirre (1968) on which the famous film by Werner Herzog is based.
is a journalist and screenwriter for film and television. Her professional career began in radio, to which she is fully dedicated in media such as Cadena Ser and Onda Cero. She later goes to television, being part of MTV in London and Madrid. She has written series such as Yo soy Bea and developed formats for production companies such as El Terrat, Big Bang Media, Fremantle and Plano a Plano. She currently lives between Madrid and New York from where she combines her facet as a writer with her other two passions, photography and documentary. In this field, she has been shooting a series of documentaries on social issues in Latin America and is preparing a project for Asia and Africa.

(Huesca, 1932 -Barcelona, 2013) has a degree in Law and Criminology (University of Barcelona) and started his prolific writing career in

the 60s, and until the 80s had established himself as one of the best and most

personal contemporary Spanish narrators. Considered by many to be a cult author, he managed to create his own brand and always had a large and loyal readership. In 1984 he was a finalist for the II Premio Herralde de Novela with his novel Beloved Monster.

(Barcelona, 1967) is a Spanish writer, economist, and a leading marketing consultant specialized in creativity and innovation. He writes in national newspapers, he’s published several essays, a collection of short stories as well as plays. He’s the coauthor, with Àlex Rovira, of the bestselling book Good Luck (Zenith/Planeta, 2004) that has been translated into forty-two languages and has sold over four million copies worldwide. He’s also written two books with renowned expert on marketing, Philip Kotler. His latest title is A Different Story of the World (Espasa, 2021/ Guerra e Paz, 2022).

(1968) is a lawyer and a specialist in managing people. Her career includes managerial experience in multinationals in the services, food and automotive sectors —both in Spain and Portugal. Having taken part in the labour relations committees at ANFACO —the Spanish Canned Fish Producer Companies Association— and CEAGA —the Galician Automotive Companies Cluster—, Varela is currently the Deputy Chairwoman of AEDIPE —the Spanish Association of HR Managers— in Galicia, Spain. She has devoted the last few years to studying human behaviour in organizations and to exploring the fields of Human Strengths and Subjective Well-being. She currently collaborates as a professor with several business schools, and also gives courses and lectures on Optimism Management, Leadership, and Strengths for Happiness.

She is currently a member of the International Positive Psychology Association, runs the company RH Positivo, Optimistic Organizations, and is part of the team at BiU —Believe in You.

is a teacher and communicator of healthy eating. She works as a teacher in different national and international schools. She has been specialising in fermentation and digestive health for years, and has developed different initiatives related to these topics. She gives courses, talks and seminars and participates in research projects.